Bank Introduction

Once your Company has been incorporated and starts trading, you will certainly need a bank account for the company to carry out all its financial transactions smoothly. Over years we have developed strong relationships with some of the world's largest banks. As a valued client, you are able to take advantage of our banking contacts to obtain business banking facilities.

We can introduce you to well established banks that will be suited to your personal business needs. These banks can supply you with multi currency accounts, full internet access, credit/debit cards and ATM Cards making you able to access your account from almost anywhere in the world.

We are also able to arrange introductions and account openings on behalf of the company/client for our non-resident customers and assist them in opening of a bank account without any need for the customers to personally attend the bank account opening procedure.

We will be pleased to offer our assistance in opening bank accounts in the following jurisdictions: Cyprus, UK, Isle of Man, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Bahamas, BVI, Panama, Liechtenstein and Austria.

Please call or e-mail for further information