Overseas banking

Any International company has the right to open and maintain a bank account overseas. Thanks mainly to the internet and advances in international communication technology, overseas banking is fairly straightforward. Most accounts can be arranged with online access to your information. Transfers of funds can be done online as well. As far as accessing your money, most overseas banks will offer a debit card with your account so you can retrieve your money whenever you want, wherever you are from most ATMs.

Therefore for the internet businessman and any business that creates income online, there are several benefits to having a bank account with an overseas bank. These benefits include privacy, asset protection and wealth building.

The banks, for which we are an official agent or representative, provide multi currency accounts and offer a full range of online banking services, all of them with internet banking and debit cards which will allow you to have quick and easy access to your funds almost anywhere in the world.

At present, we offer our assistance in opening bank accounts in the following jurisdictions: Cyprus, UK, Isle of Man, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Bahamas, BVI, Panama, Liechtenstein and Austria.

Once you decide which bank is right for you to open your account, a bank account opening application form is sent to you, which is to be completed and signed by the account signatories and company directors/secretaries and returned to us for further processing.

For the opening of the above stated bank accounts, there will be no need for a physical presence in the bank of the signatory of the account. Occasionally, depending on the internal regulations of the particular bank, extra authentication and/or documents (e.g. Certificate of Good Standing) may be required by the Banks. Undoubtedly we will be there to assist you with provision of any of the required documents and our advice.

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