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We provide fast and efficient company formation services and our aim is to help you understand some of the many requirements you need to consider whether you are starting or running a business.

UK companies are registered at Companies House - an Executive Agency of the Department of Trade and Industry. Omega Group successfully provides a cost effective company formation service with a quick connection between you and Companies House.

Private company Limited by Shares

A private UK limited company is considered as one of the most easily managed and cost effective business structures. Some of its outstanding features are:

  • No minimum or maximum share capital requirements.
  • No specific qualification requirement for company director, secretary or shareholder.
  • No nationality or residence restrictions for company director, secretary or shareholder.
  • A private limited company can just have one director who may also be the only share holder.
  • A private limited company's resources can be used to assist in the purchase of shares of the company when someone wishes to leave the company.
  • A private company is prohibited to issue its shares to the public.
  • Private companies up to a certain size can be permitted to file abbreviated accounts with the register of companies.
  • Only a private limited company can dispense with obligations to hold an annual general meeting.
  • Only a private limited company can dispense with the formalities of holding general meetings by having a special resolution in writing.
  • A private limited company can start trading immediately upon incorporation. It does not require any trading certificate to start its business.

Our standard company incorporation process normally takes from several hours to one day and requires a number of forms with the following information to be submitted to Companies House: -

- provide details of its constitution in the form of a Memorandum and Articles of Association;

- provide details of its directors, company secretary and members;

- have a registered office in the UK.

A private UK limited company is the most popular form of company and is generally used to set up a new business or to incorporate an existing business. This will have limited liability, which means if the company fails there is no claim on the assets of the shareholders (beyond their original investment). Shares are issued and directors are appointed by the shareholders (often the same people in a small business).

The purpose of this type of company is to trade and make profits. These profits can be retained in the business to fund future growth or distributed to shareholders as dividends.

A private company must have at least one director and one secretary. A company's sole director cannot also be the company secretary. Our company can act as your company secretary. The Corporate Secretary does not have any involvement in the day to day operation of the business. Find out more about our Secretary Services here.

To order a limited company you will only need to choose an acceptable name and give us a few details in order for us to proceed with incorporation. You can also select a company from our shelf list, which means saving your time the company has already been formed and is ready to trade.

The following documents are supplied in our Omega Basic Package: Certificate of Incorporation, 2 bound copies of Memorandum and Articles of Association, Minutes of the First Meeting, Share Certificate(s) and Company Registers. Additionally we can provide services of Registered Address, Company Secretary and company seal.

Finally, we can assist you with your Annual Directors Reports, Accounts and Annual Returns, click here to find out more about Filing with Companies House.

Using our services, you obtain the complete package to operate your company

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