Company Support

On this page you will find the range of services that Omega Group offers in the UK to help you to add value to your company and to ensure that all matters are dealt with in accordance with Companies House rules and regulations.

Secretarial Services

Every Limited company needs to have at least one secretary; a sole director cannot also be the secretary. After incorporation, the obligation of the secretary is to tell Companies House about: the appointment of new officers, an officer's resignation from the company, changes in an officer's name or address or any of the other details. There are many standard forms, resolutions and returns that must be properly executed and filed with the Companies House and Inland Revenue. Company Secretary provided by our group will do all preparations and filing for you. For more information click here.

Management and Administration Services

If you've formed your company with us, then you can also use our Management and Administration Services to update your company details, prepare paperwork for appointment/resignation of directors and secretaries, transfer initial shares and access other information and services for your company. Our Group provides its clients with independent and comprehensive management and administration services. For more information click here.

Nominee Services

To ensure complete privacy our group will provide services of professional nominee directors / shareholders for you. This service will need to be renewed after one year. For more information click here.

Additional Services

At any point during your company lifetime you may appear in need of some additional documents or services. Whether it is for purposes of a bank account opening or property purchasing we will always be on your side and provide all necessary support you may require. For more information click here.