Management and Administration Services

If you've formed your company with us, then you can also use our Management and Administration Services to update your company details, appoint directors and secretaries, transfer initial shares and access other information and services for your company. Omega Group provides its clients with independent and comprehensive management and administration services such as following:

Transfer of Shares

Shares in a public company are normally transferred through a broker dealing in the market appropriate to those shares. However, shares may be transferred directly from seller to buyer and the company informed accordingly. Shares in a private company are usually transferred by private agreement between the seller and the buyer. In both cases, a transfer document must be completed. We can do all the preparations, paperwork and filing for you.

Increase in Share Capital

The directors may wish to issue shares in the company provided that the company has sufficient authorised share capital. The authorised share capital will be stated in the Memorandum of Association of the company. Notification of an increase in authorised share capital must be given to the Registrar of Companies within 15 days after the passing of the resolution authorising the increase.

Company Dissolution

This process is also known as a voluntary dissolution. This is a provision in the Companies Act to allow the removal of the company from the companies Register, typically when the company is dormant. If the company serves no useful purpose its dissolution removes the need for filing annual returns and accounts. A private company that is not trading may apply to the registrar to be struck off the register. This is possible if the company is no longer needed.

Set up of discretionary trust

During lifetime substantial income and capital gains tax advantages may result from setting up the trust. Using the service of one of our licensed trust companies, we are pleased to act as trustee for a suitably drafted discretionary trust. For more information on discretionary trust please contact our professional advisers.

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