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How do I register a company?
On the Home page of our website select one of our four packages and it will take you through three easy steps of incorporation.
How do I check whether the name I would like is available?
If you select Free "Company Name Check" option on the Home page of our website, then enter the name of your choice in the field andpress "Check availability", our system will automatically run thesearch and inform you whether your choice of name is available forincorporation.
Which package is best for me?
1. Omega Electronic Package :Best for solicitors, accountants and clients who are already familiarwith the procedure and can take care of completion their own statutoryregisters.

2. Omega Basic Package :Best for most clients seeking a cost effective formation solution. Hardcopies of registration documents will often make opening a bank accounteasier.

3. Omega Premium Package :Time saving solution best for clients who require comprehensiveformation package and prefer to delegate secretarial paperwork toprofessionals.

4. Omega Executive Package :Ideal for clients who need quick start-up for an existing business andwant to have an off-the-shelf company and operate a bank account ASAP.

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What is accounting period?
This is a period with reference to which United Kingdom corporation tax is charged. The period runs from one accounting reference date to the next. It can not be less than 6 months or more than 18 months. The Provisions for governing the accounting period are contained in section 224 and Part VII of the Companies Act 1985.
What is an annual return?
The annual return (Forms 363a or 363s) is a document that a company must deliver every year to Companies House. An annual return is a snapshot of general information about a company's directors and secretary, registered office address, shareholders and share capital. If you file the annual return late, or not at all, the company and its director(s) and secretary can be prosecuted.
Do I need a company seal?
Changes to the Companies Act in 1989 mean that a company seal is no longer a legal requirement. However, there may be circumstances when a company seal can be required. If conducting business overseas or entering into contracts with overseas customers, foreign lawyers or local regulations may require that a company affixes an official seal to legal documents, contracts or lease agreements. If you find that you need a company seal we can supply one at a small extra charge.
What is a limited company?
A private company limited by shares is considered as one of the most easily managed and cost effective business structures. It is a company owned by its shareholders and run by the directors. Please visit section "UK Company Formation" for detailed information on this question.
What is the memorandum of association?
This is one of two constitutional documents required to incorporation a limited company. The Memorandum contains the intended name of the company, the address of its registered office, authorised shares capital and the classes of shares, the statement of limited liability and the objects of the company (description of what the company may do).
What are the articles of association?
The articles are a part of the company's constitutional documents together with the Memorandum of Association, both of which must be filed at Companies House on incorporation. The articles regulate how the company will be managed by its officers and members. Table A prescribes a standard form of Articles of Association for private limited companies (see also "Memorandum of Association").
Is there a maximum and minimum share capital?
There is no minimum or maximum share capital for a private limited company, however in order to incorporate a company at least one share must be issued. A public limited company must have an authorised share capital of at least £50,000 (and, if it is trading, issued capital of £50,000) see our Public Limited Company page for more information.
What is share capital?
Share capital is the investment in a company by its members (owners). The amount is contributed in exchange for the share of ownership, a certificate being issued for each share. The memorandum of association of a limited company states the amount of authorised or nominal share capital. A company can increase or decrease its authorised share capital. Our staff will be happy to advise and assist you if the services required.
What is a registered office?
This is the official address of a company that is held on the Companies Register. All statutory documents from the Companies house will be sent to this address. This address will show up on all public records. If a company changes its registered office address the changes must be filed at Companies House. Our staff will be happy to assist you with this matter.
Who can be a company director?
Generally it is up to the members to appoint the people they believe will run the company well on their behalf. The only restrictions that prevent anyone becoming a director in a private company limited by shares are: a) the person must not have been disqualified by a court from acting as a company director (unless he or she has been given permission by a court to act for a particular company); b) the person must not be an undischarged bankrupt (except by permission of the court); c) in Scotland, anybody under the age of 16.
Is there a limit to the number of company directors?
There must be at least one Director and one Company Secretary but there is no upper limit to the number of Directors. Your company must have at least 2 officers so, if there is to be only one Director, you must have a separate Company Secretary. If there is more than one Director, one of them may take on the additional role of Company Secretary.
What are the annual accounts?
This is a financial summary of the state of affairs of a company over the course of a year. It includes a profit and loss account, a balance sheet and a statement of cash flows. All limited and public limited companies must send their accounts to the Registrar. Annual accounts must also be submitted to Revenue and Customs for tax calculation purposes. There are strict deadlines for filing annual accounts and fines can be imposed for late filing.
What is an accounting reference date?
The accounting reference date (ARD) is the date to which the company's accounts will be drawn up each year  the company's financial year end. Normally, the ARD in each year will be fixed automatically as the anniversary of the last day of the month in which the company was incorporated. The ARD can be changed by filing Form 225 at Companies House. For assistance and free advice please contact our office.
Do I need to register for VAT?
If your turnover is likely to exceed the current registration threshold then you will have to consider registering for VAT. For more information please see our free "VAT INFO" . If you still have some questions you can contact our office for a free VAT advice.
When do I need to file accounts?
If you are filing your company's first accounts and they cover a period of more than 12 months, they must be delivered to the Registrar within 22 months of the date of incorporation for private companies and 19 months for public companies or 3 months from the accounting reference date (ARD), whichever is longer. If the first accounts cover a period of 12 months or less, the normal times allowed for delivering accounts apply: for a private company, 10 months from the ARD and for a public company, 7 months from the ARD.
What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept payments by all major debit and credit cards and payments powered by PayPal as well as payments via bank transfers.
How do I truck my orders?
You can track your orders online on our website when you log into our Online Incorporation System using your personal password and login. You can also see all the previous incorporations you have done so far in My Incorporations section and modify or delete the orders that have not yet been processed.
Does every company need a secretary?
Yes. Section 283(1) of the Act says every company must have a secretary. Section 283(2) states that a sole director cannot also be the secretary.
What are the duties of a company secretary?
Please visit section Secretarial Services on our website for detailed information on this question.
Does a dormant company have any obligations for filing any documents?
A dormant company is required to submit its set of accounts and returns annually to Companies House, despite the fact that it is not engaged in any form of business activity. The dormant company is given leave from preparing a full-length set of accounts and may present brief but acceptable financial statements, that are not necessarily audited.
When is VAT due?
Value Added Tax is payable to HM Customs & Excise in quarterly instalments after calculating the net VAT payable. The net VAT is calculated by deducting the input tax from the output tax of all products and/or services sold. The instalments are due by the 10th of April, July, October and January for the revenue of the preceding 3-month period.
Do I need company documents to be legalised by apostille?
Most countries require legalisation of company documents so that they can be used throughout the world. This process is called legalisation by Apostille. If required we can provide the service to obtain an Apostille certificate issued by the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office.
What is an LLP?
It is an alternative corporate business vehicle that gives the benefits of limited liability but allows its members the flexibility of organising their internal structure as a traditional partnership. The LLP is a separate legal entity and, while the LLP itself will be liable for the full extent of its assets, the liability of the members will be limited. Visit section "Limited Liability Partnership" of our website for more information.
Do I need a Members Agreement for my LLP?
Though a Members Agreement is not compulsory when incorporating a Limited Liability Partnership we would strongly recommend that one be prepared either before or after incorporation. Because an LLP does not file a memorandum of Association or articles of Association, the Members Agreement acts as the LLP's Constitution. The content of the Members Agreement is crucial to the control of the activities of the members. We can assist you with preparation of a flexible Members Agreement, making any modifications you request to meet your business needs.
How is an LLP taxed?
How is an LLP taxed?An LLP is taxed as a partnership. The internal structure of the LLP is similar to that of a partnership. The members provide working capital and share any profits. Income derived by the members from the LLP will be closer to that of a partnership than to the dividends paid by companies. For more information and free advice please contact our office.
What is a certificate of Non Trading?
This is a certificate that we supply guaranteeing your company has not traded prior to it being transferred to you.
Do you have a manual to guide me through incorporation steps?
Yes, please read through our Incorporation Guide. It gives simple and clear directions and helps you to place your order for registration of a new company and avoid any delays.
Do you have Client Email Support?
Omega Group support team will always respond to your email as soon as possible in most cases within one business day. This is our support team email address: infoline@omegadirect.biz . We also guarantee that the information about you and your company will be kept absolutely confidential and protected by Omega Group from third party inquiries.
Can I get an advice by phone?
Omega Group offers a free telephone support service available on weekdays (i.e. Mon. to Fri.) from 9am to 5pm. The phone number is 0207 629 99 74. Our consultants will be happy to answer your questions and offer a charge free professional advice.