Offshore Services

Omega Group is an international group of professionals whose aim is to provide the client with a wide range of personally tailored and affordable international asset management and protection as well as tax planning services.

Our advantage is that the group does not only deliver standard UK Company formation and administration services but also offer a great variety of complex services such as creation of companies overseas, structuring of multiple organisations including corporations, trusts, funds, insurance companies and other structures that require licensing.

Additionally our group can provide auxiliary services for efficient administration of your company. Preparation and filling accounts, company's annual statutory filings and reports, legalisation of documents and bank introduction are among the services that you can find our group helpful with.

Furthermore we offer services of nominee directors, officers, shareholders, services of registered agents and virtual office facilities that include telephone line, fax and mail forwarding specially designed to meet individual requirements of each client.

There are many relevant issues you need to take into consideration but which you may not be aware of when starting a new business overseas. Therefore we are here to ensure that you have immediate and accurate information about world-wide tax and legal developments and provide you with services essential for international business.

For those international investors, who are interested in setting up a UK Company as an international investment vehicle we recommend to contact our international advisors team, where more information in respect of application of offshore companies and common benefits of their usage might be gathered.

Please call or e-mail for further information