Additional Services

To help you find the desired service we have collected detailed information about the range of additional services Omega Group offers in the UK. Simply scroll down to find out more about the prices and services we provide:

Branch application

A company incorporated outside the UK may trade in the UK through a branch office. Some companies receive tax breaks and government development grants by continuing to be incorporated in their home country while they attempt to establish a UK operation. To find out more about advantages of using UK Branch for overseas companies please contact our consultants.

Company Restoration

The Registrar cannot restore a company to the register without a Court Order. When the Registrar receives an office copy of the Court Order for restoration, a company is regarded as having continued in existence as if it had not been struck off and dissolved. We can assist you with the procedure for application to the Treasury solicitor and Registrar of Companies. We will deal with all of the legal matters and appoint experienced solicitors to submit your application to Court and the Registrar of Companies on your behalf.

Registered Office in the UK

An address where the company's statutory books are available for inspection. Companies must display their registered office address on all company literature and stationery. The registered office can be located at a different address from that of the company's business address.

Duplicate Certificate of Incorporation

Printed copy on the required legal paper.

Additional copy of M&AA

If required we can print additional copy of the M&AA

Company Seal

Though there is no legal requirement for documents to be signed under company seal in the UK, there may be circumstances when a seal is very useful.

Printout from Companies House

Full Company Summary giving date of incorporation, registered office, filing compliance dates, recent filing history showing types of documents lodged at Companies House, and full list of current and recently resigned directors and company secretary.

Authorisation by Public Notary

Notarisation is a formality often required for documents which are to be used overseas, or for certifying document copies.

Authorisation by Apostille

Once a document has been notarised by a Notary Public, and if it is to be used overseas, it may need to be apostilled - this means that the Notary's signature and seal are certified by the U.K. Foreign and Commonwealth Office. The Foreign & Commonwealth Office will then attach an apostille or a Legalisation Certificate to the document.

Authentication of Company documents by Foreign Embassy

If the documents are to be used in the country which is not party to the "Hague Convention" they may need to be legalised by the Consulate of this country.

Certificate of Good Standing

Certificate of Good Standing is a document supplied by the Companies House to confirm that the company mentioned on the certificate has filed all necessary documents and forms in order to meet statutory disclosure requirements and according to the documents on the file the company has been in continuous and unbroken existence since the date of its registration. No action is currently being taken by the Registrar of Companies for striking the company off the register and dissolving it as defunct. It may also include details of the Directors, Company Secretary and the Registered Office address.

Certificate of Good Standing issued by Secretary Company

This document is issued by company's Secretary and attests that the persons listed are actually directors/secretaries of the company. The Certificate of Good Standing issued by Secretary Company is often requested by local authorities when a foreign legal entity is forming a subsidiary as well as by banks and brokerages when opening an account with them.

Certified copy of Certificate of Incorporation

Printed copy of Certificate of Incorporation certified as a true copy by Secretary Company.

Courier mail

The documents will be delivered to your address by courier services (UPS, FedEx, DHL or another selected Specialist Independent Couriers) to any destination worldwide.

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