Secretarial Services Overseas

Every Limited company needs to have at least one secretary. Omega Group provides its clients with independent and comprehensive Secretarial Services abroad. The Corporate Secretary does not have to have any involvement in the day to day operation of the business. Therefore if you've formed your company with us, then you can also use our Nominee Secretary Services to update your company details, provide annual support, manage annual payments, update registers of the company and access other information and services for your company (see the full list of services below). We offer these services for newly incorporated companies as well as existing companies.

Nominee Company Secretary

Nominee secretaries do not usually have an active role or function in the actual business of the company. The Company Secretary can authenticate documents or proceedings of the company and the signature of the Secretary on a written resolution is evidence of the proceedings. Nominee Company Secretary will perform a variety of tasks crucial to the smooth running of the company, which includes ensuring that the company's statutory obligations are complied with local requirements. Delegating the companies secretarial work means that the directors can be sure that their company is complying with this vastly legalistic area, leaving them to concentrate on their core business. By making sure that legal and regulatory requirements are covered, company secretaries provide the basis from which companies can successfully operate and develop.

The nominee company secretary service is also ideal for sole directors unable to find someone to take on this role. It means you can still operate your company as sole director and shareholder whilst benefiting from the excellent support of a professional company. This service often proves invaluable as our company is familiar with local authorities and procedures. Our professional and experienced staffs can provide company secretary services to your company that include the following:

  • Acting as company nominee secretary of your company;
  • Assisting and advising on establishment of new companies overseas;
  • Advising you on the appropriate legal procedures to change the officers of the company, change shareholders, amend the accounting reference date, declare a dividend, etc.;
  • Maintaining your statutory Registers (keeping the registers required by law);
  • Maintaining your statutory Minutes;
  • Acting as the company's Registered Office (using our address as your company's registered office if required);
  • Filing all necessary accounts, forms, returns and resolutions on the public record with local authorities if required;
  • Reminding you, and/or your accountant, of the filing deadline for accounts;
  • Issue and transfers of Subscriber Shares;
  • Changing company name;
  • Changing company registered address;
  • Share allotment;
  • Dissolving the company;
  • Assisting start-ups with all of the other aspects of starting a business;
  • Amending Articles of Association for taxation, practical or commercial reasons;
  • Power of Attorney

Please note that if required our company can be appointed as your company nominee secretary at the time of your company registration or at any time thereafter. The Corporate Secretary Service will need to be renewed after one year.

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